Hipsta Hipsta Eyeglasses

Photos by K. Mears

Recently my tried and true eyeglasses broke. And by recently, I mean February.

My glasses just haven't been a high priority to replace since I only really need them for nighttime driving (I haven't driven in the city since 2010, no joke) or seeing something very very far away. I would have put off purchasing glasses even longer, if Jay hadn't introduced me to this awesome online glasses shop, Warby Parker

They were recently written about in Business Week (here) for their innovative business model. All glasses (including prescription) at Warby Parker are $95.00 flat! There are a number of stylish frames to choose from and you can order up to 5 at a time to try on. You simply return the ones you do not want (and it's free shipping)! 

The only downside is they only sell hipster glasses, horn-rimmed frames and the like. But I love it! I purchased the Langston in Revolver Black Crystal. Hipsta Hipsta!

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