Remembering Nirmalaben

Photo by Ksenija Savic Photography

Photo by Moxie Photography

I got the sad news that my grandmother passed away in India this morning. My last grandparent. But I was comforted knowing that she was surrounded by all six of her children in her home at peace. She lived a full and beautiful life. She was loved dearly and we will miss her.

There are a few moments that really come to the surface when I think of her. One is, when I was in the third grade she designed and sewed the most delicate pink silk dress for me. It was my absolute favorite and I wore it proudly for years. I still have it, and hope to pass it down to my daughter someday.

Another moment was very recently when I had the privilege of her attendance at my wedding. I had always wished that she would be able to come. It is a very long journey from India and my grandfather had recently passed away. I thought traveling to the States would be too much, but she did it. She stayed with my parents and was witness to all the commotion that goes along with planning such an event. She would just smile and laugh at the frantic party planning in the days leading up to the festivities. She was still quite strong at that time. Strong enough to tell us, she would indeed walk down the aisle at our ceremony processional. And she did. Arm in arm escorted by my uncle, her youngest son. It was a moment I will never forget.

Love you Ben. Be in peace.

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