Weekend Wishes

Photo by J. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

It's been a fun filled few weeks! From the Mears cottage in northern Michigan and friends in Traverse City to guests in San Francisco, it has really been a treat to visit with close friends and family for an extended period of time!

I thought I would have a terrible case of the "back to work blues" once back from vacation, but to my surprise it hasn't really been that bad. I think that's a good sign. Perhaps, I'm getting a little better at balance. Or perhaps there are even more things to look forward to around the corner! Starting with the 2011 SF Chefs events this weekend!

I recall last year during this time (still a newbie to San Francisco), seeing tents in Union Square for the events. I had completely been out of the loop and missed purchasing tickets! So this year, I was sure to pay attention! Jay and I are headed to the Decadence After Dark event Saturday night and a Tasting Table sponsored dinner on Sunday. I cannot wait to experience what the chefs have to offer!

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the last days of summer! Have a balanced weekend!


  1. I was wondering what those tents were for!

  2. Hi Arti! Yes, that's what the tents were for. It was really fun, I'll post pics soon!


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