Whole Grain Pancakes, Yum!

We are constantly looking for breakfast solutions for our busy mornings. Jay lives by "breakfast is the most important meal" and I am more of a Larabar in the morning will do. Recently we found a quick and delicious compromise, Bob's Red Mill Pancake & Waffle Whole Grain Mix (not to mention USDA Organic). All you need is an egg, a little oil and water (to make it worth the while we add fresh blueberries), the batter takes a few quick stirs and within 5-10 minutes you have a hot whole grain treat to enjoy! Following the instructions for one batch yields about 8 little pancakes, so it keeps you from going overboard as well!

Image from myrecipes.com

From Michigan

Ever since I moved away from Northern California at age 10, I've dreamed of moving back. But boundaries were established, ideas changed and ambitions faded. Until I found myself in Paris for my honeymoon and it reminded me of my original intention. So we did it! We left the sprawling suburbs of Southeastern Michigan for the compact hustle and bustle of San Francisco. And now we are one of many transplants, finding our way and rethinking our Midwestern mindset.

Photo by J. Mears
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