Northern Michigan, Here We Come!

Photos by J. Mears

It's been a busy week of wrapping things up so we can enjoy a week off at Jay's family cottage in northern Michigan!

The cottage has been in Jay's family for over 40 years and as the family expands so does the cottage. We spend the morning lazily waking up, sipping on coffee, and taking in the view. Followed by an afternoon at the lake, reading books or taking naps on the boat. 

And to top it off, we have huge family dinners in the evening (my parents will be visiting too, so it's a mix of classic American and Indian food!) and sunset cruises. If we are feeling ambitious, you could possibly find us running around the lake for our personal 10K challenge, but we make no promises.

It's really a privilege to visit such a beautiful piece of land in what feels like our little private corner of earth. Thanks to Jay's grandpa Mears' foresight, it's become a family tradition to spend as much of the summer at the cottage as we can muster!

I will be completely off the grid with spotty cell phone service and no internet access. It is surprisingly easy to get used to! After the first evening, I stop worrying about when I last saw my iPhone.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you in a week few weeks!

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