Pimentón Fried Eggs

Photo by K. Mears

The weekend was very gray in San Francisco, very damp and misty to the point where it may as well have been raining. Although gray weather can bring a weekend down, it's also perfect for sleeping in a bit, reading in bed and making a comfort breakfast.

Jay came across this recipe for Pimentón Fried Eggs while catching up on some reading on his iPad Sunday morning. And since he is a true breakfast enthusiast, he couldn't resist trying the recipe out immediately!

It was a great find and I must say a keeper recipe (super simple but very tasty!). I look forward to bringing it out again on our next slow weekend morning.

Do you have any favorite weekend breakfast recipes? Do share!

Weekend Wishes

Photo by J. Mears

This week has been hectic. From New York City for a conference to Los Angeles for a photo shoot and back to San Francisco, it's been quite a bit of travel!

And it doesn't stop there. We have just five days left at home until our trip to Vienna, Rome and Florence! It's time to make a serious "to do" list. Mon dieu!

Have a relaxing and organized weekend!

Two Years Ago Today

Photo by Ksenija Savic Photography
Happy Anniversary, Jay!

You make my life special and wonderful everyday. I love you more than ever.


Film School, Good Food & Music!

Image Source Unknown
Image by K. Mears

Jay planned a really fun Saturday for us last weekend! As I mentioned here, it was an early anniversary surprise!

For the last few years, instead of material gifts we have been investing in "the gift of an experience." So what did we do? We went to film school!

Jay signed us up for an all-day workshop at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. We got to learn about the the entire film making process, from screen writing to casting and even editing (which is what I think I like the best!). I am a total film buff as some of you know, so this was a perfect outing and chance to learn something new!

After our day at film school, we rushed over to the east bay to Riva Cucina for an Italian dinner. And after that we still had the Fleet Foxes show to attend at the Greek Theatre on the UC Berkley campus! The show was a great end to a wonderful day of activities!

Thanks for a perfect day Jay! Love you!

Weekend Wishes

Photo by J. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

Did this not seem like the longest week? Perhaps it's because it's noticeably darker when I leave work in the evenings. None of that matters however, when it's the weekend!

I'm particularly excited for tomorrow because Jay has booked the entire day, but I have no idea what we are doing. It's a surprise anniversary day (I know, what can I say, he's awesome)!

Our second wedding anniversary falls on a weekday so we are celebrating it a little early. All I know is my day begins tomorrow at 9:30am and will end at the Fleet Foxes show in Berkeley. I've also been told that I can dress casually but that what I am wearing in the morning will be it - no wardrobe changes in between.

I'm quite stumped on what he has planned and I've tried not to look at any Daily Candy or Tasting Table weekend guides - because I do not want to ruin our special surprise day!

Have a delightful weekend!

South Asian American Digital Archive

Image from saadigitalarchive.org

I was recently introduced to a really great organization, the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA). They are a volunteer organization that documents diverse and relatively unknown South Asian American stories and photos spanning back as far as the late 1600s.

SAADA posted a photo this week of a Hindu temple in San Francisco, apparently the only in the U.S. at the time, which is dated 1921. I was aware that the Chinese American community has a long history with San Francisco, but I was really surprised that South Asians do as well to some degree.

I'll have to wander over to Webster Street to see if the building is still there and take some photos of my own!

Simple Lasagna

Photo by K. Mears

In our attempt to cook more at home, I'm bringing back an old classic, lasagna. There are many ways to prepare lasagna, but I'm using the easiest method which does not require boiling the noodles first. I simply layer sauce, cheese and noodles a few times and bake at 350-375 degrees for 45 minutes. It's so easy and very delicious! 

You can find the basic recipe here. I typically forego the ground beef and instead layer in steamed vegetables such as diced zucchini and broccolini. I also use whole wheat lasagna noodles to make the pasta a little healthier. And for a treat, rather than using pre-shredded mozzarella, I use mozzarella balls which I shred by hand and layer on top. It's definitely a rich meal, so I would recommend sticking to just one slice. It makes several servings so you have the option to eat it throughout the week!

Weekend Wishes

Photo by R. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

Summer for most of the U.S. has come to a close, although San Francisco's summer is just beginning (I hope)! September and October are typically the warmest and most beautiful months in the city. I have my fingers crossed that is still the case this year!

After all of our summer travels, we are happy to just hang around our neighborhood this long weekend. A little rest and relaxation in our city sounds perfect after red-eye flights and rental cars.

Perhaps we will finally get around to ordering our wedding album (two years late!) as a way to celebrate that three years ago on Labor Day weekend we got engaged! Jay really pulled out all the stops (hiking, clues, geocaching!), I couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal. I'm one lucky gal!

Have a restful and celebratory weekend!

Kavita Desai Circa 2004 - 2005

Photo by J. Mears

Jay was doing some digital organizing today when he came across Kavita_Gelion in one of his old book marks. What's Kavita_Gelion you ask? Oh, just the blog I started back in 2004 on Xanga (Xanga, really?)! And here I was thinking Simply Us was my first blog. I had completely forgotten about my little Xanga blog which lived from  December 2004 to December 2005.

Reading Kavita_Gelion (the name is a lift from an anime I was into at the time, oh so dorky I know) really took me back. Although it's completely embarrassing, I am so glad that I documented my feelings back then. I used my blog as an online diary with no structure, just basic thoughts and feelings. I was certainly more uncensored.

And as I recall, 2004 to 2005 was a very pivotal time period for me. Jay and I had decided to seriously make a go of our relationship for the long term, I took a chance on a new career, I took up snowboarding and I was smack in middle of my MBA program. I'm glad I have a little glimpse of who I was then. It makes me appreciate who I am today even more.

In the words of Kavita Desai circa 2005, It's exciting to think of all the possibilities out there...in the crazy world.  I love this crazy world.