Kate Spade Sample Sale!

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I realize this is the third time I have mentioned Kate Spade on my blog, but I really do love this brand for its classic and preppy style. Plus, I couldn't resist sharing a worthwhile sale! Items are marked down up to 75%, and shipping is a flat fee of $5.00. This is a good deal. The link for the sale is here.

Unfortunately, the Gramercy Park Calista laptop bag I've had my eye one for ages sold out (just as I was about to check out!). So the sale has been a bit of a bust for me. But I definitely spotted a few handbags worth considering. Perhaps a little something to hold my essentials for our up and coming Euro adventure!

Remembering Nirmalaben

Photo by Ksenija Savic Photography

Photo by Moxie Photography

I got the sad news that my grandmother passed away in India this morning. My last grandparent. But I was comforted knowing that she was surrounded by all six of her children in her home at peace. She lived a full and beautiful life. She was loved dearly and we will miss her.

There are a few moments that really come to the surface when I think of her. One is, when I was in the third grade she designed and sewed the most delicate pink silk dress for me. It was my absolute favorite and I wore it proudly for years. I still have it, and hope to pass it down to my daughter someday.

Another moment was very recently when I had the privilege of her attendance at my wedding. I had always wished that she would be able to come. It is a very long journey from India and my grandfather had recently passed away. I thought traveling to the States would be too much, but she did it. She stayed with my parents and was witness to all the commotion that goes along with planning such an event. She would just smile and laugh at the frantic party planning in the days leading up to the festivities. She was still quite strong at that time. Strong enough to tell us, she would indeed walk down the aisle at our ceremony processional. And she did. Arm in arm escorted by my uncle, her youngest son. It was a moment I will never forget.

Love you Ben. Be in peace.

Hello Peoria, Illinois!

Photo by K. Mears

It's been a short but hectic week! We've been tying up loose ends so we can completely relax on our mini break to Peoria, Illinois. We are headed there today for our dear friends' wedding celebration!

It's already been a long day since we left our apartment at 4:00am this morning. Now we are on our final leg, just a few more minutes on our Detroit layover and we are off to our first visit to Peoria!

Our first stop will be the Peoria mall to pick up Justin's tux (he's a groomsmen!) and also a few new shirts. In my rush home from work last night, I completely forgot to pickup the dry cleaning. The dry cleaning that I was not to forget (even had a reminder on my calendar) because it had Jay's shirts for the wedding festivities, including the rehearsal. Argh! I suppose we now have an excuse to buy something new!

It feels good to be back in the Midwest, even if just for a few days. Let the festivities begin!

Weekend Wishes

Photo by R. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

Today's my lucky day! My good friend from Michigan just happens to be in town for a work trip so I get to benefit with a surprise visit! I feel lucky that every few weeks or so, we have a visitor. We never feel too far from the Midwest!

Jay  is also back late tonight from Montreal, I can't wait to see him! Lucky for him, I got my rom-com movie marathon over with while he's been away (to his delight)!

Life is good! Have a darling weekend!

Ciao a tutti!

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I'm so excited! Jay and I just finished booking our trip to Italy for the fall! 

We'll have two weeks to explore Rome and Florence, with a quick stop in Vienna and Amsterdam first to visit with our expat friends. We'll also be meeting up with a few California friends in Florence, we've all gone in on a gorgeous apartment together through airbnb.

The flights are booked and accommodations reserved. Next up, is reserving tickets to museums. I heard there are some tickets that can be booked online to save you from lengthy lines at entrances.

This will be my first time in Italy (and Vienna for that matter). I would love to hear your advice on what should not be missed and helpful tips for navigating through Rome and Florence! Oh, restaurant suggestions are also much appreciated! Grazie!

Solo Week = Bad Movie Marathons

Image from imbd.com

While Jay is off in Montreal this week for work, I've been holding down the fort solo. I find that when Jay's out of town, I use my free time to catch up on all the romantic comedies and dramedies my heart desires.

It's not that I couldn't or wouldn't watch these movies around Jay. But we do live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I try to be respectful (plus I don't want to be ridiculed!). I know many of these movies will be terrible even before I rent them. But I can't help myself. I have to watch them, good or bad. It's my "me-time", it helps me sort of shut-down for a bit.

So far this week, I have already rented In the Land of Women (so-so), Red Riding Hood (terrible, oh so terrible) and Tenure (I actually think Jay would've liked this one).

For tonight, I'm debating between The Other Woman and oh yes, Sole Surfer (hey, I like the occasional feel good, based on a true story, i.e. Rudy)!

Weekend Wishes

Photo by J. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

It's been a fun filled few weeks! From the Mears cottage in northern Michigan and friends in Traverse City to guests in San Francisco, it has really been a treat to visit with close friends and family for an extended period of time!

I thought I would have a terrible case of the "back to work blues" once back from vacation, but to my surprise it hasn't really been that bad. I think that's a good sign. Perhaps, I'm getting a little better at balance. Or perhaps there are even more things to look forward to around the corner! Starting with the 2011 SF Chefs events this weekend!

I recall last year during this time (still a newbie to San Francisco), seeing tents in Union Square for the events. I had completely been out of the loop and missed purchasing tickets! So this year, I was sure to pay attention! Jay and I are headed to the Decadence After Dark event Saturday night and a Tasting Table sponsored dinner on Sunday. I cannot wait to experience what the chefs have to offer!

I hope everyone has something fun planned for the last days of summer! Have a balanced weekend!

Hipsta Hipsta Eyeglasses

Photos by K. Mears

Recently my tried and true eyeglasses broke. And by recently, I mean February.

My glasses just haven't been a high priority to replace since I only really need them for nighttime driving (I haven't driven in the city since 2010, no joke) or seeing something very very far away. I would have put off purchasing glasses even longer, if Jay hadn't introduced me to this awesome online glasses shop, Warby Parker

They were recently written about in Business Week (here) for their innovative business model. All glasses (including prescription) at Warby Parker are $95.00 flat! There are a number of stylish frames to choose from and you can order up to 5 at a time to try on. You simply return the ones you do not want (and it's free shipping)! 

The only downside is they only sell hipster glasses, horn-rimmed frames and the like. But I love it! I purchased the Langston in Revolver Black Crystal. Hipsta Hipsta!