One Night in Siena

Photos by J. Mears

Siena was one of my most favorite places on our trip to Italy, and we were only there for one night!

After the fast pace in Rome, the slower more scenic Siena was a nice change. Plus, this was where we met up with our friends SP and HK right before the Florence leg of our trip.

We spent the day exploring the town and having a sunset picnic in Piazza del Campo with an amazing wine, meat and cheese spread from Pizzicheria de MiccoliIf you are planning a trip to Tuscany, we highly recommend a stop in Siena, it will provide exactly the relaxing atmosphere you are looking for!

Roman Holiday

Photos by J. Mears

What can I say about Rome that you don't already know. It truly is amazing. History, art, food, hustle and bustle, it really has everything you would expect and more.

Being a first timer to Rome, I was captivated by all the sights: the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, the list goes on and on. But what I will remember the most is la passeggiata. I loved strolling around the city in the evening with Jay, it was my favorite part of each day. It's such a wonderful Italian tradition. I would love to bring it back to San Francisco, a nice pause in the evening to just stop and smell the roses.

When we left Rome, I was certain we would return someday. I look forward to our next visit!

Three Days in Vienna

Photos by J. Mears

Before we headed to Italy, we made a pit stop in Vienna to visit some more friends who had recently relocated. It seems to be a bit of a trend among our circle of friends lately, to make a bold move overseas!

Vienna was beautiful. Honestly, it's not a city I would have picked to explore had I not had someone to visit there. But I am glad we had the opportunity or I never would have had the chance to participate in Vienna's Oktoberfest or go boating on the Danube river!

Our goal upon arrival was really to just hang out with our dear friends S + C. They are our very best travel partners. We made it to India and back with those two and are still close friends. That's saying a lot in my book since travel can really be stressful if you aren't with the correct company.

Things that I will now associate with Vienna should I come across them include krasekrainer (sausage with cheese inside, surprisingly delicious), lederhosen and plenty of beer!

Thanks again S + C for the amazing weekend in Wien! Until our next adventure!

Eight Hours in Amsterdam

Photos by J. Mears

It's our first week back from our vacation to Europe and I find myself feeling like our trip was already ages ago. I don't want to forget all the fun and adventure from our trip, so this week I'll be posting a few snippets from some the cities we visited. Our first stop, Amsterdam.

We only had an eight hour layover in Amsterdam but took advantage of the time by visiting our friends who had recently relocated to this very beautiful and bike friendly city. Thanks again R + N for showing us around!

We spent the afternoon taking in the city and visiting their local market sampling treats such as stroopwafels and fries with mayonnaise (sprinkled with paprika). We obviously spent what little time we had, eating our way through the city!

Before this quick visit, I had never stepped foot outside the Schiphol airport which I had been inside about eight or nine times on my way to India. I'm glad I finally had a chance to experience a little of what's been a mystery to me for years! I look forward to another visit, next time giving Amsterdam a bit more time so we can truly explore and get to know it even better!

Weekend Wishes, Europe Edition

Photo by J. Mears

Happy Saturday!

After a full day of travel and time changes, we made it to Europe!

We had a long layover in Amsterdam, so we met up with our old friends from Michigan. They recently moved to Amsterdam and were kind enough to give us for a tour of their neighborhood and some afternoon sight seeing.

Then we got back on a plane to our first official destination, Vienna, and here we are! We have quite a bit planned, a lot to do and see! After a few days here we will hop over to Italy where we will be spending most of our time. I'll be posting periodically depending on the speed and convenience of the Internet.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!