Dose of Super Cuteness

Photo by J. Mears

After a wonderful long weekend, it's inevitable to have a bit of  back-to-work blues. So here's a little super cuteness cheer to start your week off with a smile! Honestly, how can you look into those baby blues and not just have your heart melt!

As mentioned here, we had dear friends visiting over the 4th of July weekend. I must admit I was a little nervous about how to plan a weekend of baby friendly events, but to my delight it wasn't nearly as difficult as you would think. 

A huge factor was that our little 9-month old visitor is at a stage in which she can still nap on the go. Another factor was that her parents were super laid back, and if they were feeling stressed, it never showed (awesome team work guys!).

Here are some things that really worked for us: 
  • We started the day early, getting to our favorite breakfast spots as soon as they opened.
  • We kept a fairly loose schedule, meaning, we had an A plan and B plan based on everyone's mood (with extra consideration for the little one).
  • We had a car, for easy abort if things weren't working out.
  • We had one go-go-go day followed but a very easy going day.
  • We made the earliest dinner reservations possible, so we could avoid crowds and be served fairly quickly.
  • We had plenty of decompression time, once home after dinner.
These were just my observations from our weekend with a baby, I am sure every case is different. But it was really encouraging to have a weekend of events that all could enjoy (in a city that's not always considered baby friendly)!

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