Stonesoup's Cous Cous & Broccolini Salad

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Jay and I constantly struggle with dinner during the work week. Many times, we just end up eating out at one of many tempting restaurants in our neighborhood. But we acknowledge that it's a better idea (healthier and less expensive idea) to eat home cooked as much as possible. 

The key for us is to keep it simple. We recently found a perfect after work dinner recipe (cous cous & broccolini salad) which we have been making at least once a week! 

It's one of 50 posted by the blog Stonesoup (cook books also available). We've mentioned Stonesoup before (here), but recently took a deeper look and found it has exactly the type of recipes we have been looking for!

So far we have only tried the cous cous & broccolini salad, but we plan to run down the list of 50 to see if there are any other keepers! Finally, no stress work week cooking!

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