Tartine Bakery, at last!

Photos by  K. Mears

Jay and I have been wanting to visit Tartine Bakery since our first month in San Francisco. We have heard nothing but rave reviews but the never ending (and constant) line out the door deterred us until recently.

To our surprise, we walked past Tartine this week and there was no line out the door. We couldn't believe it! We assume due to the heat wave over the holiday weekend that perhaps most people were out at the beach and not in the Tartine line! Regardless, we marched up to the short line and finally got a chance to experience their deliciously crafted fresh baked goods.

We split a croque monsieur and chocolate tea cake. Both were excellent (and very decadent)! If I could, I would stop by every day for a pastry. But for now, I think we will just continue to wait for those rare days when the line is just a dozen or so deep!

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