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I've known for years that my mom is an amazing chef. I've never disliked anything she has served, except for a few veggies when I was young perhaps (I was lucky growing up, always a fresh home cooked meal for dinner). She used to make us dishes from Chinese to Italian cuisines. But her true gift is Gujarati food (Gujarat is the state in India from which my family is from). And that is why I am so proud of her for deciding to dabble in a little catering!

Friends and family have been telling her for years that she should start a food related business. My mom would always shrug off the compliments and suggestions. It's not until recently that she told me that her dream was to start a little catering company, nothing too big, just a few specialty items.

There are a few dishes in particular that she makes better than anyone I know: dhokla, khaman and handvo. These are very delicate, bite-sized, savory cakes, typically served as an appetizer or snack (great with masala chai in the morning or afternoon). So it's perfect for my mom's goal of starting small (and perhaps my goal of going bigger someday, more to come on this in the future)!

Unfortunately, her catering will only be available in Southeastern Michigan (for now!). But if that's your location and you are hosting a dinner or small event, give her a call! Those of us out here in San Francisco, will just have to wait.

Love you mom!

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