The Front Porch

Photos by K. Mears

Honestly, what's not to love about southern inspired comfort food? On a very cold (by San Francisco weather wimp standards) and rainy day, Jay and I headed to The Front Porch, with some serious appetites. And we sure didn't hold back. Jay and I ordered Momma Clara's bucket of fried chicken which came with garlic mashers and collard greens (the fried chicken was presented very creatively in a bucket with a little popcorn for garnish). We also started with fried okra in case you were worried we were skimping. Oh, and we followed all the fried and salty deliciousness with some mud pie. We loved every single bite of our comfort food extravaganza! The Front Porch is probably not a spot for a weekly visit, but if you are having one of those days where a mixed green salad with a grilled anything on the side just won't do, this is your place!

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