Lovely Letterpress Class

Photos by K. Mears

Over the weekend I attended Oh Happy Day's letterpress class taught by Jordan Ferney! Letterpress is something I knew very little about until I began researching stationery for our wedding back in 2009. I've always wanted to get the insiders look into the process so when I saw the ad for the class in Daily Candy, I signed up immediately!

The class was 4 hours long, but it went by so quickly! We learned a bit about the history of letterpress (I had no idea that letterpress printing only lost popularity in the 1950s when digital printing took off) and its comeback in the past decade. Then we moved on to the actual process, and it's definitely a bit labor intensive and delicate. Jordan had a photopolymer  plate created with the class's designs (we turned them in to her a week prior). And then we were off to the races, inking and pressing our cotton paper through the printing press one paper at a time. I think the end results came out beautifully!

Note: Jordan was kind enough to give the class a list of letterpress resources (for paper, ink, press purchase) located here in the city. So if you are interested, I'm happy to pass the list along!


  1. So jealous of your taking this class! It looks awesome. I, too, have a great love of letterpress :) Cute blog!


  2. Thanks Paula! I think Jordan Ferney has a few classes per season - you should definitely check it out. I learned so much!


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