Flour + Water = Fabulous Birthday Dinner

Photos by K. Mears

Originally we had planned on Chez Spencer for Jay's birthday dinner, but I knew Jay had his heart set on Flour +Water (I was unable to get reservations). We were home a little earlier than expected, so we gave the walk-in wait a try and luckily were seated within 20 minutes (the typical wait for Flour + Water can be an hour plus)! 

Dinner was wonderful, maybe even beyond wonderful. Every bite we took was better than the next. For me, Flour + Water is a dream come true because I heart pasta. We started with the citrus cured yellowtail with asparagus, followed by a main course of three different pastas: the triangoli, taleggio scarpinocc and pasta fagioli of maltagliati. And we didn't stop there. Since it was a very special occasion, we went for dessert and shared the most delicious chocolate budino. As you can see above, we took no prisoners. 

Another fabulous year, another fabulous meal in the city!  


  1. What a lovely and memorable birthday dinner you both shared. The food looks completely awesome! Glad it worked out for you! Dad M

  2. Thanks! We are lucky we were able to get in just as another table was leaving. After dinner, we both said that we must take you & Ginnie and my parents there as well! It's fantastic!


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