We're in Brides Michigan

Image from ksenijasavicphotography.com

Our wedding photographer, Ksenija Savic, sent a us a note with a pleasant surprise over the weekend! One of our wedding images was chosen for the article (above), One Location, Four Photographers in Brides Michigan. We cannot give enough positive praise to Ksenija for capturing our wedding. It was such a blast, and then to be shown in a bridal magazine (last year images popped up here) is such a thrill!

If you would like to see more from our garden wedding, just visit here. Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful, Kavita! You guys are looking shwanky-danky-Elizabethan in this photo!

  2. Thanks Mac! We were going for shwanky-danky! :-) Hope you are well, we miss you guys!

  3. Kavita, you look beautiful! Love the photo!

  4. Sharon - Thank you! The wedding was so long ago, but I love little reminders of how fun it was!


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