Craving Home Cooked Indian Food

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I definitely took for granted when I lived so close to my parents in Michigan that home cooked Indian food was just a 40 minute drive away. Now that I live across the country from my world class chef of a mom, I am left to try out Indian recipes on my own. I do have a handful of my favorites documented but am a really inefficient chef and what should take 30 minutes takes 90. However, I recently came across The Indian Slow Cooker and I think I may have finally found the Indian cooking solution I've been searching for! The author, Anupy Singla, really breaks down Indian cooking simply and has converted classics such as dal, palak paneer and butter chicken for the slow cooker. I am hoping this works as simply as: ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, hot home cooked Indian dinner in the evening. I can't wait to get started!


  1. Let me know how it is. We've always wanted to play with Indian cooking at home, and slow cookers? They're just awesome.

  2. Hi Ryan!

    I'm hoping that this cook book is the key to fun Indian cooking (and easy). I'll definitely let you know!


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