Beretta Cocktail Class

Jay and I tried our hand at a Gin 101 Mixology Class at one of our favorite restaurants, Beretta (located in the Mission). And to our surprise, we learned that gin is simply a vodka infused with juniper and many other botanicals including coriander, anise, citrus peels, cardamom, almonds and cinnamon. 

We learned how to create a stirred cocktail (classic martini), a built cocktail (gin and tonic) and a shaken cocktail (the Last Word, a cocktail actually developed at the Detroit Athletic Club). My favorite was the classic martini, and I learned that proper martinis should not be shaken like the old saying, but stirred! 

Jay and I were so inspired by this new art that we decided to turn one of our bookcases into a bar display, take a look below! Next time you are in Noe Valley, stop by and we will be happy to demonstrate our new mixology skills by building you a perfect gin cocktail!

Photos by K. Mears

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