La Boulange Cafe & Bakery

Photos by K. Mears

One of my favorite places to grab breakfast or lunch in the city is La Boulange (another French inspired spot of course). There are several locations throughout the city as well as a few in Marin County and the East Bay. No matter the kind of day I have had, La Boulange always cheers me up! From a morning pastry (chocolate croissant!) to an open face sandwich (hummus, avocado, cucumber featured above), there is really something for everyone or for whatever mood you may be in! The Noe Valley location was a staple for me last year, as I trudged around the city looking for a job. I'll forever be grateful to La Boulange for the sweet macaron pick me ups that got me through those tough days!


  1. La Boulange has the best bread-pudding EVER!! EVER!!

  2. Well then that's settled, we will have to take a work break and grab some bread pudding! Let me know bowei0202!


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