Uber Ride, Yes Please!

Image from uber.com

One thing that caught me by surprise living in San Francisco was the difficulty in finding a cab. I've spent countless evenings in frustration watching a handful of occupied yellow cabs pass me by as the minutes tick and I grew increasingly late for my dinner plans or commitment. No need to fret any longer, there's a solution that Jay and I have been trying more and more frequently for the past few months, Uber. It's a new kind of car service that makes rides easy, reliable and convenient. You simply let Uber know where you are via text or mobile app and your ride shows up within minutes. Their rate is slightly higher than a cab, however it has been really worth it for the convenience. Did I mention, the rides are usually limos and town cars?  It definitely beats taking the Muni or desperately seeking a cab when you have somewhere special to be. Extra bonus, I just noticed that Uber is running a special, $5 off your evening ride to the Mission every Thursday in February!

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