Giovanni's Pizza at Club Deluxe

Photos by K. Mears

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, I craved finding a cozy pizza place in which I could unwind with my friends. In Michigan, Amici's (The Living Room) was this place to me. My search was over pretty quickly as my friends immediately directed me to Giovanni's Pizza. Located in the jazz club, Club Deluxe, known for their freshly squeezed cocktails (might I suggest the greyhound or spa collins). I was a little hesitant but there was really no need to be. Within minutes of taking a seat you will be greeted by "mama", Giovanni's mother. She takes your order while Giovanni bakes his pizzas to perfection in the back kitchen. He has about 20-some pizza combinations to choose from - all made with fresh, quality ingredients - and plenty of veggie and non-veggie options. In fact, while we were there last he popped out because he needed a little more fresh basil for the night! My personal fave is the Rico-Tina (tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, spinach, Italian brandy sausage, basil and olive oil). Honestly, I could stop in for this pizza every week!

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