Sunny Morning at Zazie

Photos by K. Mears

Years ago my friend took me to Zazie for brunch when I was visiting San Francisco. When Jay and I moved to the city last year, I was thrilled to find the French bistro still thriving in picturesque Cole Valley. Now it's my turn to introduce Zazie to visitors! We headed there for brunch over the weekend with my brother, expecting the usual Sunday sidewalk wait. But luckily it was a sunny day so no harm! I try to taste different items on the menu but lately cannot get enough of the La Mer (poached egg with hand picked dungeness crab, green onions and avocado). On a sweet streak lately, Jay went for the French Toast Tahiti (challah stuffed with caramelized bananas and walnut). He said it was the best French toast he's ever had - you will have to try for yourself and decide!

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