Green Spinach Lentils

Photos by K. Mears

Thanks to a little encouragement and motivation from my sweet friend and neighbor, I finally attempted a recipe from The Indian Slow Cooker. I purchased it back in March, but I think I was slightly intimidated and also weary of being let down once it came to actually cooking.

I crave very specific Indian food flavors, it's a taste that only my mother can create. And until my mom decides to move to California, I will need to attempt to recreate the taste on my own!

For my first trial, my friend and I picked out Green Spinach Lentils (Palak aur Sabut Moong Dal). Once my friend read the ingredients out load, I realized I had just about everything I needed to make this tasty dal! And like author Anupy Singla promises, it is really quite simple. It truly is, a little chopping, stirring and then just waiting!

Now, my first attempt did not go perfectly. I am quite sure that I accidentally put a few extra cups of water in the slow cooker (my miscalculation). However, the taste was still good and when served over brown rice, it was really quite fine. I will definitely attempt this one again.

With one recipe pretty successfully completed, I am excited to try the next!

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