Apartment + Garage!

Photos by J. Mears

Living in San Francisco means small space accommodations for Jay and I (and probably for the majority of city dwellers). We actually enjoy it much more than anticipated. We know exactly what we own and each item has its place, it's very simple. This also means that if something doesn't have a designated spot in our home and we don't love it, it cannot stay in our home (visitors excluded of course!).

So far, this one-in, one-out policy has been working very well. We are master editors! However, we have had to stash our camping gear and golf clubs at a generous friend's storage space (our lucky duck friend's apartment has a huge storage room for each tenant!) since there is just no room for these items in our cozy apartment.

Well, now we have become lucky ducks as well! Recently the garage in our building has come up for rent. Not only that, but it also has a small room attached to it (a proper extra room with windows!). After some discussion and a budgeting exercise, we have decided to take it!

We are still small space living but now have a place for our bikes, snowboards, golf clubs and camping gear. And no more street parking to Jay's delight, hip hip hooray!

I have some major plans for the extra room, so stay tuned! Hint: our guests may finally have some privacy and the pullout couch routine may be history!

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