Shared Closet

Photos by J. Mears

Our bedroom closet has been bothering me for quite some time. So over the weekend, I finally took action and began part one of our closet clean-out project.

When we lived in Michigan, Jay and I had separate clothing closets. His clothes were organized with wooden hangers while I used white plastic hangers. It looked fine in our individual closets, but when we combined our clothes in our shared San Francisco apartment closet, it was an utter mess (as you can see in the first photo above).

A simple solution for closet organizing is: get all your clothing on one type of hanger. It's such an effective and inexpensive solution. Using the same type of hanger on each piece of clothing ensures that the space between them is standard and if you use slim hangers without a bend, a space saver too! If you want to take it to another level, organize by type of clothing and color as well.

I personally love the look of wooden hangers so I recycled my white plastic hangers and replaced them with natural wood hangers from Target. And while I was transferring clothing from one hanger to another, I also used this time to edit. I ended up taking over two bags of clothing to our local Salvation Army. This entire exercise took just a few hours, but the results are really gratifying. 

Now that the hangers are in order, it's time for a complete overhaul. If Jay and I are going to continue sharing a closet, we need to bring in a more California Closets type of layout. Stay tuned for closet clean-out project part two!

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