Mr. Pollo. Where do I begin?!

Photos by K. Mears

I confess, I judged a book by its cover and that's why it took me so long to finally try Mr. Pollo. That and I have selective hearing.

Jay and multiple friends have told me that we must try Mr. Pollo. That a meal from Mr. Pollo was among some people's top 10 favorite meals of all time. And that's saying a lot in this city. 

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Yet, I could not see past the beat-up yellow Mr. Pollo restaurant sign that looked like just another taqueria in the Mission (I'm sorry, I know). And somehow I missed the fact that everyone was talking about not a taqueria, but a Latin restaurant with a four course chef's tasting menu (for an unheard of price, $15).

So last weekend, when I realized my judgement mistake, we headed right to Mr. Pollo to correct the issue. And what a fool I have been! Mr. Pollo is fantastic, superb even!

We of course ordered the tasting menu. Each plate was so delicately prepared. And each course was better than the next. It was amazingly delicious! My only regret is not having gone there sooner! Lesson learned.


  1. Selective hearing? Love it! Glad you enjoyed this place as much as I did. Let's return before it jumps the shark!!

  2. Wow, are the pics of the dishes you had? Looks outstanding, mark it down as one of the places we will want to try too!

  3. Hi Shilpa! Yes, selective hearing! :-)Let's pick a date, Ms. Jump the Shark! Too much pressure!

  4. Hi Craig! Yes, absolutely we will add this to the list. So far we have, Flour+Water, Lolo and now, Mr. Pollo!


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