New Purse = Simple Joy

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Thanks to Sage & Style (one of my favorite style blogs!) for sharing that the Kate Spade sample sale was going on today. I really had no idea, and when I read her post it definitely put a little more excitement in my day! 

I've been wanting to invest in a new work purse for awhile and I was hoping Kate Spade would have just the thing. After much back and forth (classic or trendy, color or neutral), I ended up choosing the Kent Nicole handbag in black (I went classic to guarantee a longer shelf life). It's the perfect addition to my work style!


  1. Very cute! I shopped for Kate Spade diaper bags and didn't love any of them, but I think this bag is the tops!

  2. Thanks Sheevani! I'm almost at the one-year mark at work so I figured this could be a small reward! :-)


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