Photo by K. Mears

San Francisco friends, I just have to share this little wine distributor and delivery service called Rewinery with you.

All you have to do is place your order online or by app and three boutique bottles of wine show up at your doorstep by bike courier. I realize it sounds like something out of Portlandia, but it's really quite fantastic.

I cannot take credit for this discovery though. Jay found it one evening when we were making dinner and realized we had no wine to go with our lovely pappardelle with mushrooms. Enter Rewinery and in an hour we were enjoying our delicious pasta with a glass of 2007 Rewinery "Cozy" Barbera. Rewinery wines all have super cute labels and descriptions, which makes choosing the wines all the more fun!

I really hope this little company makes it, we've already ordered a few times since discovering them last month!

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