Project 52 {10}

It's been a rainy mess this week but last weekend it was nothing but blue skies and sun. It worked out great because we had some very dear friends from Michigan visiting and were able to show them the very best of the city under the sun. It's the inspiration for week 10's installment of Project 52.

Photo by K. Mears

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  1. Such a great photo! How did you get the camera to focus on that patch of grass and nothing else?

    1. Hi Mahina! Thanks for the kind words on the photo. I use a Nikon D40, and I had the camera on Aperture setting on F2.8 I think. I basically took a macro-type shot which allowed for the shallow depth of field. If you have a point and shoot, just turn the setting to macro and you will be able to get a similar effect!


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