Project 52 {12}

As most of you know, I'm a big time planner and control freak, truth be told. I believe it's best to be super organized and prepared. But every now and then, no matter how much you prepare and plan, things just don't turn out how you thought they would or should. I've definitely learned that lesson in the past few years (i.e. adjusting to a new city, settling into a small apartment, finding a new job).

Realizing that I cannot be on top of everything all the time, I've opened up to the idea of luck and being slightly more free spirited. On my nightstand sits a lucky bamboo plant, miniature clay pig (a Chilean good luck charm) and orchid. All these little gifts were given to me by friends and family, a sweet reminder that even though some things are out of my hands, I'm always surrounded by love (and a bit of luck).

With that in mind, here's this week's installment of Project 52.

Photo By K. Mears

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