Weekend Wishes

Photo by J. Mears

Happy Friday friends!

Did this not seem like the longest week? Perhaps it's because it's noticeably darker when I leave work in the evenings. None of that matters however, when it's the weekend!

I'm particularly excited for tomorrow because Jay has booked the entire day, but I have no idea what we are doing. It's a surprise anniversary day (I know, what can I say, he's awesome)!

Our second wedding anniversary falls on a weekday so we are celebrating it a little early. All I know is my day begins tomorrow at 9:30am and will end at the Fleet Foxes show in Berkeley. I've also been told that I can dress casually but that what I am wearing in the morning will be it - no wardrobe changes in between.

I'm quite stumped on what he has planned and I've tried not to look at any Daily Candy or Tasting Table weekend guides - because I do not want to ruin our special surprise day!

Have a delightful weekend!


  1. Omg how fun! You have to post a recap of the day so we all know the rest of the story! Happy Anniversary!


  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm planning on putting a recap up this week - stay tuned!


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