Film School, Good Food & Music!

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Image by K. Mears

Jay planned a really fun Saturday for us last weekend! As I mentioned here, it was an early anniversary surprise!

For the last few years, instead of material gifts we have been investing in "the gift of an experience." So what did we do? We went to film school!

Jay signed us up for an all-day workshop at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking. We got to learn about the the entire film making process, from screen writing to casting and even editing (which is what I think I like the best!). I am a total film buff as some of you know, so this was a perfect outing and chance to learn something new!

After our day at film school, we rushed over to the east bay to Riva Cucina for an Italian dinner. And after that we still had the Fleet Foxes show to attend at the Greek Theatre on the UC Berkley campus! The show was a great end to a wonderful day of activities!

Thanks for a perfect day Jay! Love you!

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