Kavita Desai Circa 2004 - 2005

Photo by J. Mears

Jay was doing some digital organizing today when he came across Kavita_Gelion in one of his old book marks. What's Kavita_Gelion you ask? Oh, just the blog I started back in 2004 on Xanga (Xanga, really?)! And here I was thinking Simply Us was my first blog. I had completely forgotten about my little Xanga blog which lived from  December 2004 to December 2005.

Reading Kavita_Gelion (the name is a lift from an anime I was into at the time, oh so dorky I know) really took me back. Although it's completely embarrassing, I am so glad that I documented my feelings back then. I used my blog as an online diary with no structure, just basic thoughts and feelings. I was certainly more uncensored.

And as I recall, 2004 to 2005 was a very pivotal time period for me. Jay and I had decided to seriously make a go of our relationship for the long term, I took a chance on a new career, I took up snowboarding and I was smack in middle of my MBA program. I'm glad I have a little glimpse of who I was then. It makes me appreciate who I am today even more.

In the words of Kavita Desai circa 2005, It's exciting to think of all the possibilities out there...in the crazy world.  I love this crazy world. 

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