Dandelion Chocolate

Photo by K. Mears

In our quest to cook more at home and use in-season ingredients, Jay and I have been trying to dedicate Saturday mornings to the Noe Valley Farmers Market. While we mostly purchase fruits and vegetables, we couldn't help but stop by the new dark chocolate stand, Dandelion Chocolate!

We purchased all three "bean to bar" chocolates currently available: Venezuela, Costa Rica and Madagascar (named after where the bean originated). Each bar has a unique flavor since the chocolate is made in small batches and are just chocolate and sugar - nothing else.  Although I'm still consuming extra sweet calories, I don't feel as bad eating this chocolate knowing literally who made it (we met them at the stand!) and that there aren't any extra preservatives in the chocolate.

I must admit though, it didn't take Jay and I very long (less than 5 days, eek!) to polish off all three bars. So for now, we will be skipping the stand and only venturing by for special occasions (or every other Saturday, which ever comes first)!

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