Three Days in Vienna

Photos by J. Mears

Before we headed to Italy, we made a pit stop in Vienna to visit some more friends who had recently relocated. It seems to be a bit of a trend among our circle of friends lately, to make a bold move overseas!

Vienna was beautiful. Honestly, it's not a city I would have picked to explore had I not had someone to visit there. But I am glad we had the opportunity or I never would have had the chance to participate in Vienna's Oktoberfest or go boating on the Danube river!

Our goal upon arrival was really to just hang out with our dear friends S + C. They are our very best travel partners. We made it to India and back with those two and are still close friends. That's saying a lot in my book since travel can really be stressful if you aren't with the correct company.

Things that I will now associate with Vienna should I come across them include krasekrainer (sausage with cheese inside, surprisingly delicious), lederhosen and plenty of beer!

Thanks again S + C for the amazing weekend in Wien! Until our next adventure!

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