Petit Oh!

Photos by K. Mears

I've been told and warned by many friends not to purchase too many clothes for the baby before the baby is born, since most likely I will receive hand-me-downs and gifts. But I found myself in the sweetest little baby store in Barcelona one evening when we were on vacation in July and I just couldn't help myself (teeny tiny clothing makes my heart melt). The store is called El Mon d'en Dada. I'm not sure how it translates, but it even sounds cute.

Truth be told, it was Jay that found the outfit above. I think it makes a great bringing baby home ensemble. It's a little kimono top with separate bottoms, which from my understanding is a good choice for a squirmy infant. The brand is Petit Oh!, which consists of many stripe and polka dot tops and bottoms. I really love those simple patterns for babies. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it in any of our neighborhood stores so I wish I would have splurged a little more while on vacation. All in good time, right?

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