Tieks by Gavrieli

Photos by K. Mears

Living in San Francisco means you cannot get very far in heels (oh so many hills!) so I have welcomed the addition of flats to my style. I'm always looking for a new pair to add to my ever growing collection.

My friend Jennifer introduced me to some very cute flats by Tieks, a company that's putting a designer twist on standard ballet flats. Tieks was actually started by one of her husband's grad school classmates. I love a good entrepreneurial story, so I pulled the trigger and made a purchase.

My Tieks arrived in the mail this week and I was immediately won over by the beautiful packaging. I also love all the extras that came with my order, including a little travel bag (small enough to stash in your purse) for days I wear heels in the morning and give up by the evening.

I ordered my ballet flats in clover green, which I think will perk up many of my winter outfits!

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