Project 52 {3}

Happy weekend friends!

I'm ready to put this week behind me, anyone else? Sometimes, it's best to just look forward, even if my participation in Project 52 stemmed from the idea of being present. I'm just going to let it go this one time. Onwards and upwards!

Because it's been a tough week, it was difficult to come up with an appropriate installment of Project 52 since my theme is "makes me happy." But I was able to look past my challenges and come up with something I feel is quite suitable. Have a look!

Photo by  K. Mears

There are many others around the blogosphere doing Project 52, here are a few you may want to check out: Styleberry BlogWicked Kate and What We're Sayin.


  1. In my quest to lose this baby weight, I hope that one day a morning run will make me happy. Hahaha. I'll get there one day! My Project 52 this week was about "remembering our angels" aka my grandparents. Thanks for linking up again this week!

    1. I find that there's nothing like running to clear my mind when I'm stressed! Thanks for linking to me as well - your installment this week is very touching. Best! Kavita


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